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      iii.                Driving while drinking alcohol or while intoxicated.

      iv.                Driving on washed out roads, beaches or walking trails.


6.         The Renter is responsible for all gas used and a renter should refuel before   
            returning the vehicle. Where a vehicle is returned with less fuel than that given at
            the time the vehicle was rented out a refueling service charge generally higher   
            than local retail gasoline prices will be charged.


7.         A hired vehicle shall not be driven by anyone, with the exception of those  
            stipulated on the Rental Agreement without the previous written permission of 
            Scottie’s Scooter Rentals.


8.         Where a rented vehicle is being operated by an unauthorized driver, or in a
      negligent manner the vehicle and all monies paid by way of deposit will be


9.         If the hired vehicle is detained by lawful Authority - the Renter/Driver shall be
      responsible for hired vehicle and shall continue to pay rental to Scottie’s Scooter
      Rentals during the period the vehicle is detained or held by said lawful authority.


10.       The renter is further fully responsible for all parking and driving violations
      involving the vehicle whilst in his/her possession.


11.       No refunds except mechanical breakdowns without replacements.


   12.        I acknowledge that St. Lucia has a Mandatory Helmet Law.


    13.       The Maximum Gross added weight is 330 LBS. 





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