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This agreement made this  ……… day of  …………… 201..  , between Scottie’s Scooter Rentals and  …………………………………….. (hereinafter referred to as The Renter)



“Vehicle” in this agreement means motor cycle, motor scooter and car.



1.   The renter and or driver assumes all responsibility for any damage to this vehicle by                                           
       an unauthorized driver and shall hold harmless and indemnify Scottie’s Scooter  
       Rentals from any claim, suit or expense arising therefrom.


2.   Third Party Insurance (TPI)  covers the third party’s property damage and personal 

      injury and a deposit of EC$1,000.00 is required at the time of rental to cover  

      accidental damages. The renter/driver shall pay a fee of   

      EC$13.50 or US$5 per day for TPI which is non-refundable.


3.      Lost or damage keys is at a cost of $40.00 EC.


4.   (a) The renter and/or driver is responsible for any loss arising out of the following:


i.                     Abuse of the vehicle

ii.                   Prohibited use or operation

iii.                  Reckless driving or driving while under the influence of alcohol or controlled drug or substance.

iv.                 Failure to promptly report an accident to the police or Scotties Scooter Rentals

v.                   Failure to complete an accident report form

vi.                 Obtaining of the vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation

vii.                Use of the vehicle for an illegal purpose


(b)  The renter/driver shall be responsible for and hereby authorize Scotties Scooter     

       Rentals to charge for any and all costs, claims or damages assessed from the  

       vehicle for any of the following: 


i.                     Loss/theft of the vehicle whilst in possession of the Renter, retail market value.

ii.                   Towing of the vehicle

iii.                  Flat or damage tire repair

iv.                 Loss of use of vehicle

v.                   Items missing from the vehicle

vi.                 Legal fees where a breach of contract has occurred

vii.                Repairs arising from damage to the vehicle in the custody of the driver. The renter must not initiate any repairs to the vehicle without the written consent of Scottie’s Scooter Rentals.


5.         A renter/driver is prohibited from doing the following:


      i.                 Driving in excess of the speed limit.

      ii.           Carrying pets on the rented vehicle                                         CONTINUED ON PAGE 3
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